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Are you looking for office massage services to indulge your staff ? You have come to the right place. We provide workplace mobile chair massage in Montreal, specialized in corporative environments, aimed at companies that do their best to look after their best assets: their employees.

Massage at work...happiness guaranteed !!

Our Services

We offer a relaxing method of managing and preventing office related pains and disconforts, postural imbalances and the stress that slows down employees performance.

The massage sessions at work are tailored to the specific needs of each individual, offering also if required, advice regarding proper sitting posture, ergonomics of the workstation, and stretches or exercises.

We offer you an area where employees can relax and recharge their batteries, or even look for rehabilitation and advice about an ongoing discomfort.

We know the importance of keeping your employees healthy and happy, with the peace of mind it gives them knowing that their company values and cares about their well being, so they can give in 100% of their capacities to their company.

That's why office massage at work is already established as the "to go"investment in the best corporations worldwide.


Mobile Massage and Chair Massage in Montreal for your workplace and events

Are you organizing an event and want it to be a success?

Contact us and we will look after it.


How it Works

It is really simple. You just have to think of a space we can use, and the duration of the massage. If you are unsure of what space is more appropriate, don't worry, our therapists will give you ideas and you can decide.  Once we have a designed space, set the duration of each massage and agreed on a date, one (or more) of our registered massage therapists will arrive to the office in advance, to transform that space into a peaceful haven. Employees will then start to arrive to their appointments following a schedule.

SPACE: all our equipment are portable and designed to fit anywhere. Either an empty office or meeting room or a corner in the main office space, will make do. Depending on the space available we will decide for a massage chair or a massage table.

DURATION: massages duration can vary betwwen 10 to 60 minutes (or more if requested), being 15-30 the most common.


About us

We provide best services for chair massage in Montreal and we are specialized in corporative environments. We are fully mobile, and travel where you are to indulge you and your people with unique office massage services.


All our therapists have been professionally trained and are R.M.T's ( registered massage therapists), so they can issue receipts if needed. They specialize in office environments and dedicate themselves to all hardworking people, offering the best onsite massage workplace service, and promoting a concept of Well-being.





Why choose us?

Because we give you exactly what you are looking for, and we make it as easy as it can be.


Happiness, a good feeling and a sense of wellbeing. Corporate massage gives your employees a positive feeling that they will carry to the work-space creating an overall zen ambiance. 


Registered massage therapists to ensure you that we have followed precise and strict training, and we issue insurance receipts if needed.


We are experienced massage therapist. We know that every individual is different and we put extra care in customizing our treatments according to each person's needs. 

Best price

We offer the best prices in town. Taxes are included, and with no hidden fees.

No Contract

No contract!! You don't have to sign any contract or agreement. 

It's not just a massage...

Studies have proved that sitting down for long period of time has a lot of negative effects on the human body in the long run. That is why we not only treat symptoms but we teach employees how to avoid bad posture and habits that can lead to discomfort, pain and if not treated eventually leading to absenteeism. 

...it's much more

We also teach you ergonomics of the workstation and posture principles. These combined with easy to do exercises and stretches to make the most out of the massage session.



We provide the best services at the best price. If you can find a better price for the same services, let us know and we will match it.

Fill the form below and let us know of your needs. We will get back to you the same day with a quote made for your requirements.


Who covers the cost?

These are the options: 

1. The company covers the full cost. This is usually the chosen option by companies that want to show employees appreciation for their hard work and offer a recognition of the company's interest in their employees wellbeing.

2. The cost is shared. The company pays part of the cost and the employee pays the rest. Let's say it could be divided 50- 50% (the percentage can be changed to fit your request).

3. The employees cover the total cost. Each employee pays for his/her massage.


*If second or third options are chosen, we will issue individual receipts for the cost covered by the employee, so it can be reimbursed by employees insurance if needed.

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CWS.Corporate Wellbeing Specialists

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