Massage at work

Why choose us?

Because we give you exactly what you are looking for, and we make it as easy as it can be.


Happiness, a good feeling and a sense of wellbeing. Corporate massage gives your employees a positive feeling that they will carry to the work-space creating an overall zen ambiance. 


We are experienced massage therapist. We know that every individual is different and we put extra care in customizing our treatments according to each person's needs. Massage at work for eveyone.


Registered massage therapists to ensure you that we have followed precise and strict training, to provide you the best massage at work, and we issue insurance receipts if needed.

Best price

We offer the best prices in town. Taxes are included, and with no hidden fees.

No Contract

No contract!! You don't have to sign any contract or agreement. 

It's not just a chair massage at work...

Studies have proved that sitting down for long period of time has a lot of negative effects on the human body in the long run. That is why we not only treat symptoms but we teach employees how to avoid bad posture and habits that can lead to discomfort, pain and if not treated eventually leading to absenteeism.'s much more

We also teach you ergonomics of the workstation and posture principles. These combined with easy to do exercises and stretches to make the most out of the massage session.